The doll you see in all the photos is an authentic, vintage, made by Mattel, Chatty Cathy. She is a soft faced Canadian blonde bob....she has a #4 body with an open speaker. This beautiful Chatty is spotless with a lovely color from head to toe...she has no marks, scratches, stains or blemishes of any kind anywhere on her body, limbs or face. The hair is a beautiful golden blonde with a tiny bit of red, there are no cuts and no missing plugs. Chatty has been professionally repaired to talk and does so loud and clear with no background noise or missing phrases, her seams are beautifully sealed and finished leaving them smooth & neat looking. I have cleaned Chatty thoroughly, shampooed and conditioned her hair and then curled it giving her what is known as a ''boil perm''.  It does a very nice job of reviving the hair producing a curl that will last a long time with a reasonable amount of sensible care.

Chatty is spotlessly clean and smells sweet and fresh! Her hair is original and not re-rooted. Her large, blue pinwheel eyes are also vintage original to this doll and have not been replaced with different eyes....they are so gorgeous! Eyebrows, eyeliner and freckles are original....I have repainted Chatty's lips and cheek blush with acrylic paints and then sealed them both with a matte acrylic sealer....this seals the paint and keeps it fresh and bright indefinitely. It will not chip, peel, fade or wash off....however, whether repainted or not, care should be taken to never use anything abrasive on the face, just mild dish soap occasionally to keep her clean and fresh will do no harm and is recommended. Chatty's limbs are not swingy and will hold a pose nicely, she sits and stands on her own as evident in her photos, her head moves easily from side to side and her eyes open and close as they should and eyelashes are thick & perfection....I guarantee what you see in the photos is what you will get. Head, body and limbs are all original to this doll.

All the clothes you see Chatty wearing in the photos are included and will come home with her. The dress and panties are OOAK designed and made by me....her socks are cotton crew socks modified to fit her and embellished with lace edging....her white cutout shoes are new and lovely quality purchased from Deb's Adorables Ebay store. Chatty's pretty crocheted straw hat was bought on Ebay & modified and embellished by me.  Chatty will also come home with care instructions and a small gift of appreciation from me....something special just for you!

Terms and Conditions

I am offering a LAYAWAY OPTION for those that need it....1/2 the total amount at the end of the sale & the balance at the end of 30 days. I prefer using Paypal please & I will send you an invoice as soon as the sale is final.    
I will accept offers from the United States and Canada.  Your doll will be shipped USPS priority with insurance....shipping charges will be exact with insurance included. Depending on your zip code, shipping charges are determined by size of box and weight which is approximately 4 pounds and what USPS considers a large package.   

I would love to have you visit my Chatty Cathy Webpage & see some of my past Chatties....CLICK HERE!

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